After such a transformational year



After such a transformational 2018 it’s given us all at Allstaff great pleasure redefining & understanding why we do what we do #whatsyourwhy. We’ve carried out some interesting in-house personality profiling to understand what makes our team tick, and overwhelmingly it’s clear from the results that we all share the following characteristics;

  • We want to help people, candidates/clients/suppliers we want to help and be helped!
  • We like to please which explains our dogged determination and a lot of hard work to exceed expectations – It’s true and anybody who wants to come and see behind the scenes your welcome anytime (we’ve now got a fancy coffee machine in each branch and break out area 😊 with one following in Glasgow)
  • We like “doing the right thing” for us it’s all about building complete trust/confidentiality and making sure we are always delivering our service in a compliant fashion with care & compassion. We’re dealing with people and our business wouldn’t survive without the eclectic mix of skills and personality that we come across on a daily basis.

We know we’re not perfect and very occasionally we may reach for the sky and miss a shining star but for certain we are in a better position to continually listen, learn, review and adapt and most importantly keep all of the above embedded in our culture.

If you would like to know more about Allstaff and the great team that make it all happen,, please email us/call or drop in to one of our branches, anytime!


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