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Would a 4 day week work for you?

Posted: 19th January 2022

A six-month pilot scheme run by 4 Day Week – Global, think tank Autonomy and researchers at Cambridge University, Oxford University and Boston College, of a four-day working week with no reduction in pay will take place in the UK later this year.

A trial that took place in Iceland between 2015 and 2019 was recently hailed as an “overwhelming success”. While in Japan, a trial at Microsoft saw productivity go up by 40%, according to researchers. In addition to increased productivity businesses saw improved employee wellbeing and a decrease in employee burnout.

30 British organisations are expected to take part in the pilot between June and December with similar trials are being run in Scotland, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Canada. Researchers will work with each participating organisation to measure productivity, the wellbeing of its workers, as well as the impact on the environment and gender equality. (

So, what do you think? Does a 4 day week provide a better work life balance that will boost productivity and help prevent burn out or does it increase pressure on employees to fit more in to less days…

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