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Can Temporary Work Become Permanent?

Posted: 29th April 2021

As the economy opens up many businesses are choosing to hire temporary workers rather than bring on permanent employees.

But the question many candidates ask is can temporary jobs become permanent?

What are the benefits of temporary work?

It can provide many opportunities. It offers candidates a chance to try out different roles and new sectors. In addition, it can provide work and income while candidates are between roles. Temporary work has kept many of our candidates busy while they are furloughed.

So, can it become permanent?

Many clients require temporary staff to cover sickness or an upturn in business. It is unlikely that these positions will become permanent, however, it is not unheard of. Therefore, every temporary job should be seen as a fantastic opportunity.

My colleague Ryan recently posted a story on LinkedIn. It was about a candidate who had been made redundant last year during the pandemic from a job he had been in for 15 years. He had a family, bills to pay and thought he was too old to find another job. Many of Ryan’s clients had also closed, he didn’t have many jobs so he offered him a temporary job which was only supposed to last for 6weeks. The man got on well and worked hard and the role kept being extended until he phoned Ryan recently and told him the job had been made permanent.

This story is not a one-off. A candidate being offered a permanent role from a temp one is one of the best parts of a recruiters job!

In conclusion…

So what is Allstaff’s advice? Give a temporary work a shot, work hard, try new things and you never know what might happen!

We currently have lots of temporary jobs across our divisions in Glasgow, Paisley, Hillington, Inchinnan, Lanarkshire and Inverclyde. Visit our jobs page to find out more.