Advice on how to prepare your CV

A great CV will go a long way to landing that new job…

Here is our advice and tips for getting your CV right…

Where possible keep your CV to 2 pages (your potential employer may be reading hundreds – don’t make it long-winded or boring)

You are not obliged to give personal details regarding your age, marital status, it’s entirely up to you!

Work History…

You should list your current/last job first then work backwards to education.

Always fill in gaps of time, never leave your potential employer wondering what you were doing in a certain stage in your career.

When describing jobs you have done, try to mention your achievements against a target set or describe how you overcame any difficulties.

Where possible note your reason for leaving a job as your potential employers will want to know this.

Keep the descriptions in the 3rd person and avoid phrases such as ‘I did this…’, ‘I achieved that…’ etc but do say ‘This was carried out…’, ‘That was achieved…’.

Education and Hobbies…

Always fully detail your education, further education and training courses attended.

Only put in hobbies that are relevant to your job search or skills.

If you hold a driving licence always mention it and note if you have your own transport


  • Is your CV up to date? Make sure your current job is on there, or if you are no longer employed, that the dates reflect this. If an employer is looking for an immediate start and you are available, don’t be overlooked because it hasn’t been updated!
  • Is the up to date copy of your CV on all job boards? Don’t send an old version.
  • Make sure your CV is formatted correctly. Consider a PDF for job boards so that the formatting doesn’t change
  • Prior to forwarding your CV, always check that you have the correct and up-to-date contact and email details.
  • Double-check your CV for spelling and grammar (simple things like spelling errors can knock you out at an early stage)

Follow up…

It does no harm to follow up your CV with a quick telephone call to ensure safe receipt. Where possible, check timescales relating to the recruitment process. Send your CV to us- visit the contact us page.