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My colleague Ryan Robinson recently posted about great candidate = great service and the importance of having reliable, consistent candidates and a low absence rate. This is something Allstaff always strive to provide our clients and are achieving.

Many employers recognise that health and fitness play a big part in the wellbeing of their employee. Employees that look after their well-being are more likely to have less absences, be more productive and there is much evidence to show that exercise can have a really positive effect on mental health. Average employee absence is 6.6 days per year and the annual cost to British businesses is around £554 per employee, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). To combat this many employers offer Gym Memberships, health insurance, discounts at health clubs, access to physios, however, when “time” is often the most valuable asset we have sometimes prioritising health and fitness is difficult to balance in our busy lifestyles. I know as a mum of two young children, getting to the gym/ keeping fit and eating healthy are often things that fall to the bottom of my list. Workplaces are often required to become more flexible with regards working hours, something that Allstaff recognises with many of the workforce working different hours. Taking this all into consideration Allstaff have teamed up with the 4321 Method to provide a flexible solution for us. The 4321 is a fantastic idea that includes online workouts, that we can do at home at a time that suits us, as well as nutritional advice and online support from great coaches and of course each other.


















We are really excited to start on this journey to improve our fitness, health and definitely to have some fun along the way.



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