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Exciting News…

Posted: 10th November 2020

Online communication is more important than ever, and it looks like it is here to stay…

So, Allstaff wanted to make sure we were using the best digital video technology available for recruiters. That’s why are delighted to announce that we will be working with Odro, “The World’s Most Powerful All-In-One Video Technology Platform for Recruitment Agencies”.

Allstaff continually wants to evolve and continue to engage with candidates and clients in a way that is easy and meets all their needs. Hopefully, the new interview options we will be able to offer tick those boxes. 

We will be able to offer easy to access live interviews. Pre-recorded interviews to complete at a time convenient to you. We will be able to share and set up interviews with clients. As well as, being able to offer video introductions to the team. Those are only some of the benefits, we are looking forward to sharing them with you over the coming weeks.