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Are you future-proofing your recruitment?

Posted: 9th September 2021

Historically, when recruiting we focus on experience and qualifications but soft skills are becoming more important than ever.

With many processes moving online and jobs becoming automated and streamlined, what are the top skills we should be valuing to future-proof recruitment? Many processes are moving online and jobs are becoming automated and streamlined. So, what are the top skills we should be valuing in current or future employees. How do we try to futureproof our recruitment?…

According to a Faethm AI forecast, over 1.4 million jobs in the UK could be replaced by automation this year alone.

A recent article on AI News stated: As the country rebuilds from the pandemic, Faethm wants to see a focus on where AI can augment human jobs rather than replace them. Automation can handle more of the routine, mundane, and less enjoyable daily tasks while humans can focus on areas machines struggle with such as creativity, compassion, and interpersonal skills.

So what skills should employees and employers be focusing on to future proof new hires?


Being adaptable is a highly valuable skill. It allows employees to thrive in different situations and become better at problem-solving. It often allows solutions that are ‘outside the box’ to be thought of. Being flexible can present different experiences and opportunities. This is also a skill that can never be automated. Automation does what it is told, it follows instructions and algorithms. When things go wrong with automation it is unable to adapt and come up with an alternative, that is a human talent!


Just like adaptability the ability to think creatively is a skill that can’t be replicated by automation. The ability to come up with a new idea, think of a solution or create a new product is a skill that should be valued and cultivated. People are curious. This gives us an advantage over AI which only does as it is instructed and no more. This curiosity helps us problem solve, innovate and think creatively.


The ability to make decisions can be automated. However, the ability to appraise a situation and think of potential outcomes and then make judgements based on intricacies cannot so easily be done by a machine.


Being a successful leader is not something that can be automated. Good leaders connect with their teams on multiple levels. They make decisions, have the ability to motivate their team and develop connections. They are often respected and admired as well as respecting their team, noticing efforts made and acknowledging values in others. Good leaders are also able to feel empathy. Listening, interpreting and understanding how your team really feels is never a skill that a machine will be able to do.

Work Ethic

Work ethic is more of an attribute but many of the qualities that make up a good work ethic are skills that should be valued. For example, taking responsibility or accountability for work as well as going above and beyond are both qualities that a machine cannot replace. A machine will do what it’s told but it will not take ownership or put in extra effort to ensure it is done to the best possible standard. Similarly, a loyal employee who has integrity is also highly valuable. The ability to weigh up options and do the right thing even if that differs from instructions is not something a machine can do. An employee that feels a sense of loyalty who has a connection is more likely to remain and give their best!


If your employees are passionate about what they are doing, this adds value to their role. When there is value, employees care more about what they do and how they do it. It can help them feel positive about work. A positive employee is not only an employee who works hard and enjoys their role but one who positively influences their environment. Enthusiasm and positivity are infectious- in a good way.

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