Allstaff has compiled a Gender Pay Report for the snapshot of 5th April 2017.

Our report has been produced with information generated by our own payroll on the above date.  As a recruitment business, we are required to report data for our own permanent staff as well as the temporary staff we supply to our clients, for whom we have little control over pay and bonus rates for our temporary workforce.


The individual reports can be found below;-



Allstaff will show the Gender Pay Gap between our temporary workforce made up of the following;

  • 33% female
  • 67% male

and also the calculations for bonus payments made to those eligible


The figures shown are taken from the “snapshot” date of 5th April 2017, and bonus payments made in the period April 2016 – 2017.


Temporary Workers


As a Recruitment Business we are required to report on temporary workers supplied to our clients, although Allstaff have little control over the hourly pay rates as these in general will be dictated by our clients.

Mean Median
Female £7.72 £7.40
Male £8.03 £7.50


It was found that average pay rates was 4% higher for males and the midpoint pay rate was 1.33% lower.  The differences can be put down to the temporary workforce consisting of more male workers.


Bonus Payments


Not all of our temporary assignments attract bonus, this is decided by our clients, and in most cases by the nature of the work done.

Mean Median
Female £326.87 £300
Male £627.41 £300


The average bonus payable was found to show a difference of 48% in favour of the male workers.  Bonus in the main is paid to those working in manufacturing and on productivity targets.  This is down to number of males eligible to receive bonus and the number of jobs paying bonus tended to be based on achieving productivity bonus.


There was no difference in the average median of bonus payments.


  • 29.6% of males employees eligible for bonus
  • 12.7% of female employees eligible for bonus


Temporary Worker Pay Quartiles


Lower 43% Female & 57% Male
Lower Middle 31% Female & 69% Male
Upper Middle 38% Female & 62% Male
Upper 29% Female & 71% Male




Allstaff will show Gender Pay Gap between our permanent work force made up of;


  • 71% Female
  • 29% Male


We will also show the bonus/commission figures made to those eligible to take part.


  1. Mean average pay rate;-


Males £15.38 Males paid 15.7% higher
Females £12.96


Female average pay rates drop due to number of staff in support roles.


  1. Median Rate (mid point);-


Males £11.28 Females paid 1.1% higher
Females £11.41


  1. Bonus – all staff entitled to receive (71% F & 29% M);-


Mean Females     = £4283 Males paid higher bonus by 19%
Males         = £5286
Median (mid point) Females     = £994 Males paid higher bonus by 18%
Males         = £1213


Our bonus scheme is, in the main, commission based, but does include an annual Christmas goodwill payment paid to administration support staff.  We are confident that our bonus/commission scheme is fair and inclusive as it is based on the same set target for all those that participate in commission based roles.


  • 100% of male employees eligible for bonus
  • 100% of female employees eligible for bonus


  1. Permanent Worker Pay Quartiles


Lower 100% Female
Lower Middle 50% Female & 50% Male
Upper Middle 100% Female
Upper 33% Female & 67% Male