Allstaff has compiled the Gender Pay Gap Data for the snapshot of 5th April 2018.

The data has been produced from our payroll on the above date.  As a recruitment business we are required to report on our own permanent staff, and our temporary workforce supplied to our clients, where we have little or no control over pay and bonus rates paid to them.

This report shows the Gender Pay Gap between our temporary workforce which consisted of;

  • Female 5%
  • Male 5%

including bonus payments made to those temporary workers who were eligible for bonus payments.

Temporary Workers

  Mean Median
Female £8.35 £8.08
Male £8.58 £8.08
%age 2.68% %0


Bonus Pay

Not all temporary assignments attract bonus, this is at our client’s discretion.

  Mean Median
Female £415.55 £269.13
Male £1667.99 £538.25
%age 75.09% 50%


The average bonus paid was found to be in favour of male workers.  Bonus for our temporary workforce is, in the main, paid to those in manufacturing roles working to productivity targets.  The difference can be down to the higher number of male workers in these roles.

The median point for bonus was 50% and could be down to the difference in proportion of females/males eligible for bonus payments.

Eligibility for bonus as follows; –

  • 94% of males eligible for bonus
  • 05% of females eligible for bonus

Temporary Worker Quartiles

Lower 36.4% Female 63.6% Male
Lower Middle 30.2% Female 69.8% Male
Upper Middle 41.1% Female 58.9% Male
Upper 25% Female 75% Male





This report will show Gender Pay Gap between our permanent staff consisting of;

  • Female 33%
  • Male 67%

The bonus/commission figures will also be shown for those eligible to take part.

Pay Rate

  Mean Median
Female £14.15 £12.99
Male £15.33 £14.49
Difference 7.69% 10%


Bonus Pay

All staff receive a bonus payment (67% Male & 33% Female)

  Mean Median
Female £3234 £984
Male £5748 £5490
Difference 43.7% 82%


Our bonus scheme is mainly commission-based; however, we do include an annual goodwill payment to staff who do not work in a role that can earn bonus through commission.

We are confident that our bonus scheme is fair and inclusive as it is based on the same set target for those that work in commission-based roles.

100% of female and male employees were found to be eligible for bonus payments.

Permanent Worker Quartiles

Lower 100% Female
Lower Middle 33% Female 67% Male
Upper Middle 100% Female
Upper 33% Female 67% Male