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Get to Know- Gina

Posted: 25th April 2020

Gina the friendly first face you see in the Glasgow office tells us about her first job, moving to Glasgow and what she has tried for the first time during lockdown…

What was your first job?

I worked in a hotel in my teens and then a local shop

When did you leave home?

I left home when I was 19 to go to Aberdeen. I was going to Gray’s School of Art to do a degree in fine art.

Did you specialise in anything at art school, did you have any plans for your degree?

Yeah, sculpture. I didn’t really have any plans for my degree, was more about going to uni. My degree show was on based on home in Fife

What other jobs have you had apart from Allstaff?

I worked in Nandos while I was at uni and worked my way up. When I graduated from uni I wanted to stay in Aberdeen so I started working as an admin assistant for a training company. I worked there for about 4/5 years, it was a great job because I got to speak to people all around the world.

What’s something the team may not know about you?

When I moved to Glasgow I wanted to get to know the area so I went somewhere new every weekend, including the botanic gardens one freezing winters day!

Have you learned any new skills or tried anything new during lockdown?

I am planning to learn Gaelic and I have dyed my hair the brightest colour it’s been for a while.

Is there anything you keep doing that lockdown has made you more grateful for?

I won’t take going outside for granted. I will be walking to and from work every day. I also won’t take seeing my dad and brothers for granted as I’ve missed them. Oh and going to the gym.

What are you looking forward to doing when lockdown is over?

I can’t wait to get my eyebrows and nails done, I will wait in any size queue for that. I also want to keep going with my try 2 new things a month. I had a self-defence class booked so hoping to reschedule that.