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Get to Know- Jennifer Pagliocca

Posted: 25th April 2020

Jenn P tells us how she went from studying primary teaching to running her own restaurant to recruitment as well as her surprising fact…

What did you do when you left school?

I went straight from school to University to study Primary teaching but after completing the first year I discovered it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

What did you do?

I worked full time for a while before going to work in Crete, Greece for the summer as well as travel to Thailand.

Did you go back to studying when you got home?

Yeah, I went back to Uni and studied Event management. I studied hospitality working my way up from Waitress to General Manager.

Is there anything about you that you think the team might be surprised at?

I opened a restaurant with my husband called the Singl-end and its first review got 10/10 in the Herald. My husband’s family is now running it as a cafe and two open in Glasgow. It’s the best brunch spot in town!

Has being in lockdown taught you anything?

That I am pretty good at making doughnuts and bread and that homeschooling is the hardest job I’ve had. It has made me look at the way I shop for food. I am starting to buy more local produce and reduce plastic where possible. I am using my local butcher more.

What are you looking forward to doing when lockdown is over?

I cannot wait to go and visit family and give people a hug. Also, I can’t wait to go out for dinner and to give me a break from cooking.