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The Flexibility Bonus…

Posted: 23rd March 2022

The last couple of years has forced many employers to offer a flexible working model. For many this is the hybrid option of working from home or office. But, what does flexible working look like for you, what flexibility improves your work/life balance?

Whether it’s having the option to choose the working environment best suited to the tasks that day, being able to work around family or school commitments or whether it’s simply having control to set your own priorities, it is a very valuable option to many. Not least because it demonstrates a level of trust from your employer that you will get the work done.

We are finding that many candidates who are in the market for a new role are looking to move to an employer who has embraced flexible working and has made it a permanent change in their culture. If you were looking for a new job would an employer that offers flexible working be important to you?

A recent poll ran by Allstaff on Linkedin found that 61% of candidates thought whether an employer offered flexible working was a deal breaker and 39% thought is was a nice option to have. No candidates answered that they didn’t need it!

Allstaff are working with many clients who are offering this, so why not contact the team to find out about the great opportunities they are currently working on today…

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