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Top Ten Tips To A Great CV

Posted: 9th April 2020

We all have a bit more time on our hands at the moment, staying home and keeping safe. 

Now may be a good time to take a look at your CV. Most of us only think about a CV when we decide to go for a new job but it is a good idea to always have your CV up to date. That way, if an opportunity presents itself you are ready to take it. 

Here are our Top Ten Tips To A Great CV:

  1. Put your name at the top, not CV or Curriculum Vitae. This is your opportunity to sell you. You are the title.
  2. Make sure your contact details are correct. We can never believe the number of people who send in CV’s and the mobile numbers don’t work!
  3. Try to keep your CV between 1-3 pages. For most roles, 2 pages will be perfect. Employers read a lot of CVs so best to keep it to the point.
  4. Choose a professional font e.g Arial and keep it to 12 point text size.
  5. Experience and work history- it should be in reverse chronological order and unless they are relevant, leave off any roles older than 10 years. Highlight experience which matches the role you are applying for.
  6. Use the key skills section to highlight necessary experience if the role requires it- use of specific software or managing similar projects etc.
  7. Hobbies and skills- Only include hobbies which enhance your application or tell the employer a bit about the kind of person you are. Saying you like spending time with friends and family or going to the gym, takes up space you could be highlighting your skills with.
  8. Proofread. There is nothing more off-putting than spelling mistakes and bad grammar. Use a spell checker or plugin such as Grammarly.
  9. Save your CV as a PDF. This means your formatting won’t change when you send it.
  10. If you already have your CV uploaded to sites such as Indeed or CV Library, make sure it is the up to date copy. We often receive outdated CV’s and then when we speak to the candidate realise valuable/relevant experience is missing. An up to date CV will ensure you don’t miss out on any potential roles.

Remember you do not need to include your age, sex or marital status on your CV. For more hints and tips visit our website