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Video Star

Posted: 8th June 2020

With such changing times, video calls have become part of our daily lives.

This technology has been brilliant to keep families and friends connected during the lockdown. The business world has seen the benefits and job interviewers are embracing video too. We’ve complied our top tips below to help you get ready for your next video interview.

• Prepare your surroundings

Make sure you choose a quiet room for the interview. It’s always good to have uncluttered space to help you to concentrate on the interview.

Top tip: best to hide any potentially embarrassing belongings. Your interviewer will be able to see more than you think.

• Look the part

Ultimately, a video interview follows the same rules as a face-to-face interview. With that in mind, wear the same outfit you’d wear if you were going to an office.

Top tip: dress for success.

• Avoid potential interruptions

Interruptions that interfere with the running of your interview are best avoided as much as possible. You want an interviewer to see you’re excited about the job role, so show you’re prepared.

Top tip: set your mobile phone on silent.

• Make use of notes

There’s no reason you can’t have handy tips nearby. Use your notes to help you answer any tough questions or specific facts about the company.

Top tip: be prepared with notes & pen to jot down points to discuss.

• Testing 1-2-3

Having a video interview trial run is not only important for seeing how you look on camera, but also to test your computer, laptop or tablet device. Technology isn’t always the most trustworthy of things, and you never know when it might decide to malfunction. Check the best angle for your webcam, the best height of your chair, and the internet speed too.

Top tip: test out your kit in advance.

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