We are proud to champion our brand

2018 continues to be a very fast year indeed!  The Summer is well and truly over and we are already counting down to Christmas and the end of another year.

We’ve had one of our busiest years to date, not just because of day-to-day business, but also the recent MBO and the opportunities it created to take a close look at the future of the business.

We’ve spent much of our Summer preparing for the future by looking at how far the business has come, where we are at now and where we want to be in the future.  We’ve agreed on our vision statement “To be the agency of choice, first time, every time…. & mission statement – Our goal is to deliver an exceptional service to both our clients & candidates.  To achieve this we recognised the need to streamline our messaging and strengthen our brand and we’ve been working hard to do just that.

We have been working closely with our marketing agency, fatBuzz to review, refresh and update our marketing collateral, so we now have new brochures, an updated website, refreshed advertising templates, prominent exhibition graphics and a clear vision of how we will present the company in the future.  We appreciate the value of our brand and the need to maintain its integrity at all times.

We also take pride in the brand and we’ve started to be much more visible; adverts in popular publications like Renfrewshire Chamber’s Business Matters have already attracted attention and we are sure the highly visible external signage applied to the Paisley office will further raise awareness of our presence in Paisley Town Centre.

Our Summer has not just been about our branding, we have been exceptionally busy because our clients have been exceptionally busy.  We’ve also invested in lots of new technology to help us communicate our messages to clients and candidates much more efficiently.  With the help of Renfrewshire Council’s Economic Development Team, we secured a grant which allowed us to provide our staff with laptops and software that facilitate a greater degree of remote and flexible working – something that addresses the expectations of the modern day workforce.  They also supported us in areas such as Training and Personal Development, so you can start to see why our year has passed quickly.

We are now better placed than ever to meet the expectations of our clients and candidates and as we move into the final part of the year we are brimming with optimism for the future our business and those of our clients.


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