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Welcome Back

Posted: 17th June 2020

As the doors of many businesses across Scotland open again, we’d love to share our preparations.

The excitement for a small number of us to be branch based again is palpable!

This will all be done safely of course with hand sanitisers readily available and signage clearly displaying instructions for all our visitors.

Scheduled appointments will be arranged, however we know many people have grown to love video calls. It’s so popular now that we actually wrote an article for online interview tips.

Senior management will split their week with a blend of being at the office and working from home. This will give other team members the opportunity to get back in the workplace too.

We’ll still be doing our weekly team calls to those Allstaff team members on furlough. It’s always nice to see their faces and check in for a catch up chat.

The team look forward to seeing you again soon – thanks for reading & stay safe!