What is temporary work? Is it for me?


Are you between jobs? Are you looking to gain experience in a new role or industry? Do you need your working hours to be flexible to coincide with childcare, studying, another part time job? Then a temporary assignment might be just what you are looking for.








Temporary work is when one of our clients requires a member of staff to work with them on an assignment that will normally be for a fixed term period, such as a maternity or paternity contract or to cover illness, holiday or an increase in workload.

When you are used to a permanent role it can often seem daunting to take a temporary assignment but it can be a great option for many of our candidates and here are my top 5 reasons why:


  1. FLEXIBILITY- You are in control of when and where you work and what assignments you accept. You let us know at registration when and where you are willing to work and if you have any prior commitments.
  2. GAIN NEW EXPERIENCE- temporary work can be an ideal opportunity to gain experience in a new role or industry. Candidates often tell me that they have been applying for a certain type of role but are not getting anywhere- a temporary assignment can be an ideal stepping stone to getting the experience and learning new skills that you need to put on your CV.
  3. EXPAND YOUR NETWORK- Following on from the second benefit, a temporary assignment gives you the opportunity to meet new people and often the right people! While you are possibly learning new skills or simply getting a chance to demonstrate existing talents to managers, you will also be getting the chance to speak to your new colleagues allowing you to learn more about the role and the industry. These connections may be useful when your assignment comes to an end and with platforms such as LinkedIn can be lasting connections that you take forward into new roles.
  4. A FOOT IN THE DOOR- Clients sometimes like to take on members of temporary staff on a “temp to perm” basis. This means they are looking for a permanent member of staff but want to trial them as a temp. I think this is also a great opportunity for you to try working with the client before accepting the role on a permanent basis. Try before you buy- for both parties. We have also had numerous occasions when candidates have started on a temporary assignment and then have been offered a permanent position. We never make any promises and the nature of temporary work is that it can change at any point but you also never know just where it might lead!
  5. FILLS A GAP IN YOUR CV – temporary work can be a great option if you are between permanent roles, waiting for a start date or simply to help keep money coming in while you are looking for your dream job (which Allstaff’s permanent division can also help with)


So pick up the phone and find out what temporary roles the teams in Glasgow and Paisley are working on. Call me directly on 0141 221 3923 or drop me an email for more information or if you have any questions: vscott@allstaff.co.uk



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