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Why Use Recruitment Agencies?

Posted: 13th May 2021

Should you look at engaging agency support to ensure you attract top talent to your business? Emma Shahnavaz our Office and Professional Services Recruitment Specialist tells us why you should…

As the markets become more and more competitive, it’s vital your business secures top talent to help drive you forward as we ease out of lockdown. This is why many companies are seeking the support of recruitment agencies. Here I take a look at some of the many benefits of utilising recruitment agencies for your hiring needs…

Speed is everything!

It is commonplace that the majority of candidates on the market at the moment are engaged with several clients, and therefore speed is of the essence! As the typical recruitment process can be quite lengthy and time-consuming, using a recruitment agency can help take the pain out of this. Not only does a recruitment agency handle the entire process from sourcing the candidate right up to managing the offer, but it can also save your employees vital time that could be spent on other aspects of their role.

In addition, recruitment agencies do this day-in, day-out. They hold strong candidate pools through years of engaging and building strong relationships with candidates which can, in turn, cut down on the length of the entire process.

We like to make you look good!

It is in a recruitment agency’s best interest to ensure that the company they’re hiring for is as appealing as it can be to their target market. A recruitment agency will take the time to find out what makes you brilliant as an organisation, what perks you offer, and what sets you apart from your competitors. This, married up with the understanding of candidates’ current demands within the market, ensures you are able to attract the right candidates to your organisation.

We are experts in our chosen fields

Recruitment agencies have separate divisions for each specialism. This means that when speaking with a recruitment consultant within your particular field, they will not only fully understand the brief of the role, but they will also hold an available pool of reputable candidates who have been highly vetted to ensure they meet your business needs. In addition – they will be passionate and dedicated to finding you the right talent within their specialism!

New hire retention is key

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to use a recruitment agency is security. This can be in the form of scrupulous vetting of a candidate to ensure they are moving roles for the right reasons. We check that there are no other factors that may make them back out of the offer, and provide additional comfort to the candidate when moving roles; after all – moving jobs can be daunting. For some candidates, it can be a huge change in their lives! There are also other forms of security in that the majority, if not all, recruitment agencies will offer a rebate % of the placement fee if a candidate should leave within a certain amount of months, or re-fill this role free of charge (which again takes us back to a huge time saver for you!).

Here at Allstaff, we pride ourselves on offering an honest and transparent service to both our candidates and clients. Whether you are looking to attract top talent to your business or are just looking for a general chat on today’s market, we are always here to help. Why not get in touch with our team of specialist recruiters to discuss how we can help you? We’d love to hear from you!

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