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Your Dream Job-How To Find It

Posted: 25th April 2020

What was your dream job growing up? A survey of 1000 children last year by Hoop polled footballer and policeman in the two top spots for boys. While teacher and vet gained the two top spots for girls. Is the job you dreamed of doing as a child still your ideal job now?

A recent poll of employees found that 9 out of 10 are not in their ideal job but, what actually makes a job a dream job and how do you find it?

We are all different but science shows dream jobs all have things in common.

It’s Engaging

Your dream job isn’t only about the money or even about what you’ll be doing all day it needs to be engaging. Being bored is one of the main reasons people are unhappy at work.

You Are Good At It

You dream about doing a particular job but do you have the skills for it? Can you learn them? Maybe you want to be an artist or a scientist but if you find you are not good at it then it is unlikely you will be able to sustain it or enjoy it.

You Work With A Good Team

We often make the mistake of not finding a job that matches our personality and culture fit and try to find a job that will meet our income requirements. Your dream job will most likely be in a place where you truly fit and with a company that fits you.

It’s helping others

This doesn’t mean we all have to be in caring professions but being in a role where we feel the people we meet benefit or who benefit from the product or service has been proven to provide more job satisfaction.

To find your dream job, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for and make a plan to get it.

Learn about yourself

What things really matter to you? What gives you fulfilment? How do you measure success? What makes you happy? This can be things such as work life balance, control over your working day, income, feeling valued and accolade.

If you are struggling to work it out why not try using personality tests as a way to find out…

And for fun

What skills do you have ?

What do you need? How can you get them? Remember some of these may take time and sacrifices to achieve. You could require academic qualifications, you may need to start again and work your way up. This could involve a pay cut. Many dream jobs involve career changes so be patient.

Be realistic

When you think about being happy be realistic. You do not need to be Instagram happy. Even your dream job will have frustrating days and stresses.

Your ideal job may not be what you dreamed about as a child, it may not even be what you imagine now. By working out what truly matters to you, maybe you will find the job you are in is closer than you think.