How do I go about registering with Allstaff for work?

We would arrange for you to call at one of our offices for an informal interview where you will complete a basic application form and undergo an assessment (if this was required). If you had an up-to-date CV then you would only need to partially complete our form. Once registered we would ascertain what type of work you require and advise you of our current vacancies in this field.

If I am registered with you and notice you are advertising a position I believe a have the relative skills / experience for, can I apply?

Absolutely, however, our experienced consultants would normally have conducted a search for those meeting the criteria as dictated by the client before advertising, but, always best to check.

If you put me forward for a position and another agency contacts me for the same position would I stand a better chance of interview if I allow 2 agencies to represent me?

You would certainly have no advantage in allowing 2 agencies to represent you, in fact it would be seen as you wasting the client’s time and resources. Should we or any agency contact you regarding a job you have already been consulted on, it is much better to advise at point of call and not waste your time, the 2nd agency’s time or the clients.

Is there any charge to me for using your services?

No – our service to you, the candidate, is completely free!

If I started to work for you doing temporary jobs, will you still contact me for permanent work?

Of course we will! Firstly, we know you are looking for permanent work and would, therefore, take every step we could to ensure we place you in a permanent job. Secondly, if you are working for us we know where to contact you. Thirdly, we have a better knowledge of your capabilities having received reports from our clients.

If I worked as a “temp” for Allstaff, how do I get paid?

Each week we will send you a timesheet which you will complete and ask an authorised person from the clients’ company to sign. The timesheet must then be in our office on a Monday morning to ensure payment by BACS on the Friday. Payments are made 1 week in arrears.

Do I get holiday pay from Allstaff?

Yes – under the Working Time Regulations you will be entitled to 28 paid holidays per annum. If you work less than 5 days per week your entitlement will be calculated on a pro-rata basis. Holiday pay is paid on an accrued basis.

Do I get paid statutory and bank holidays?

No – you would be required to use any holiday entitlement you have accrued under the Working Time Regulations.


As of April 2017 Allstaff in line with government legislation participated in auto enrolment, at the time the contribution was a 1% contribution on the condition that the temporary worker contributed the same.
From April 2018, this has now increased from a 1% pension contribution to a 2% pension contribution on the condition that the temporary worker contributes the same. Normally, if eligible, auto-enrolment will be postponed for 12 weeks from commencement, however, you will have the right to request to join auto-enrolment from your start date if you meet the criteria as set by the Government.